Who We Are


GK+ was formed by people who are not only involved in the data center industry,
but also have leading roles in its development. Our direct involvement with
organizations like The Uptime Institute, ASHRAE TC 9.9, BICSI Data Center Subcommittee,
IEEE and others, means that we are at the leading edge of new concepts and technologies,
as they unfold.

Our clients are assured that any solution we bring to the table is standards-based and not
motivated by commercial interests. That's not to say that we don't have great relationships
with manufacturers and distributors; indeed, many of them are active members of the organizations
we mentioned which allows us to build on their know-how as well.

Add to this the greatest talent available with a proven track record, and we get to the "+" which is
part of our name. We appreciate that each project is different and requires that the resources have
to match the challenge at hand. For this reason we have alliances with the most renowned and
experienced specialists in the marketplace. And our staff includes an Uptime Institute Accredited
Tier Designer (ATD), a former Bicsi Master Instructor and numerous Professional Engineers (PE) to
name a few.

We firmly believe that each and every project is made-to-order, and the team to successfully execute it has to be custom-assembled as well.

Our commitment to our clients and putting their interests first and foremost, is yet another way to demonstrate our: