What We Do


GK+ specializes in:

• Understanding our clients' business case

• Planning a strategy with our clients

• Data Center design and engineering

• Construction of Data Centers

• Commissioning

• Consulting

• Efficiency

Understanding our clients' business case allows us to formulate, together with the client,
a solution that works for their unique requirements. We appreciate that these requirements
differ from client to client and will never resort to a cookie cutter approach. To bring a unique
solution to the table, we must first understand the business case of the client.

This allows us to plan a strategy with our clients to make sure that their short, medium
and long-term objectives are clearly understood. Which in turn permits the implementation of
a strategy to meet these objectives.

With the above-mentioned concepts clearly defined, we can now move on to the design and engineering
phase. From conceptual design to renders, we make sure that all aspects are covered: architecture, electrical,
mechanical, telecom, security, monitoring and control, fire detection and suppression, etc. to make sure that all
the systems and sub-systems work "as one". Value-engineering optimizes these resources and assures the highest
return on our clients' investment.

The construction of data centers requires experience and knowledge that is unlike any other construction project.
Aside from the mission critical electrical and mechanical installations, the architectural aspects differ as well.
Since we specialize in data centers only, and have years of experience designing and building them, we are
uniquely qualified to bring any project to a successful completion.

Early involvement of a commissioning agent (CxA) is critical to make sure that the owner's project
requirements (OPR) are met. We make sure that the right CxA is chosen and work closely with them
to assure compliance with the established goals for the project.

Throughout a project's life cycle we offer consulting to our clients to make sure they're not only aware
of each aspect and its details, but knowledgeable about them as well.
We even offer courses to accelerate the learning curve, and help prepare the client to
operate their new data center with the right level of know-how.

A modern data center should be efficient in its operation and we work diligently with our clients to help
achieve the best PUE (Power Utilization Effectiveness) which indicates the efficiency of the infrastructure
that supports the IT load. But we don't stop there; we also work hard to make sure that the initial investment
yields the best value. Modularity in the design is but one example of how the CapEx can be minimized and
at the same time permitting for growth to be planned in an orderly fashion.

To meet such a broad range of services, we have alliances with the best contractors, providers
and manufacturers who share our:

Passion for Data Centers