Recognizing the unique requirements of Data Centers, GK+ was formed to provide
services that this highly specialized field demands.

GK+, in fact, only focuses on the Data Center industry and does not engage in other kinds of projects.

Building on decades of experience, we have put together a team of specialists to
offer the services that state-of-the-art Data Centers need today:


•            Before anything, understanding the client's business case

•            Strategic planning with the client

•            Design and engineering services

•            Data Center construction

•            Independent, 3rd party Commissioning

•            Consulting


Since a data center's uptime depends more on the way it's operated than on any
Tier or redundancy (at least in the long haul), we of course work with our clients to
make sure that they are prepared to meet the operational sustainability objectives that their new data center requires.

To meet such a broad range of services, we have enlisted and contracted with
the best talent available of people who share our:

  Passion for Data Centers